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53,780 sq ft
804,548 gal
Our Gardens Can Change the World!
The world is facing a major water crisis – Water Efficient Gardens is helping manage that. So far, we‘ve converted over 53,780 sq ft of lawn and barren spaces to native and drought-tolerant landscaping that sustain and promote bees, birds and butterflies. These garden transformations have saved more than half a million gallons of water – and counting!
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How Online Landscaping Works
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Benefits of Water Efficient Gardens
We’re so passionate about the difference we’re making. Join in today to have your own water efficient garden!
Save Water
Compared with a lawn, it can save water by up to 80%.
Low Maintenance
No more mowing the grass!
Combat Climate Change
Native & drought tolerant plants can absorb carbon dioxide and improve the structure of soil, which in turn will store more carbon.
Curb Appeal
Boosts the value of your property.
Create a Habitat for Wildlife
Flowers provide food to pollinators, and gardens provide them a shelter.
A Few Gardens We’ve Designed
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