Santa Clara Landscape Rebate Program Open Till End of Year

Comparison Good news for owners of single family home or other properties in Santa Clara county who want to replace their lawn – the Santa Clara Landscape Rebate program is open and accepting application now. Per California Department of Water Resources, “outdoor landscaping is the single largest use of water in the typical California home. In most of our yards, grass consumes the most water, so reducing or eliminating how much grass we have in our landscapes can make a significant impact on the state‚Äôs water use.” p5rec The Santa Clara Landscape Rebate Program To encourage the replacement of lawn with drought-tolerant landscape, some local water agencies provide a rebate program.  The Santa Clara Water District provided such a program early last year, then stopped when the funds depleted.  Now, with the arrival of new funds, the program was reinstated on July 1, 2016. Anyone who own such properties in Santa Clara county are eligible to apply for the rebate:  “Santa Clara County single family homes, multi-family and business properties with qualifying irrigated landscape (i.e. irrigated turf or functional swimming pool) can receive rebates for replacing high water using landscape, such as irrigated turf grass, with a minimum of 50 percent plant coverage consisting of low water using plants from the water district’s Approved Plant List.” The rebate amount for lawn replacement for a single family home is $1/square foot.  See details here Rebate Application Procedure The whole application process run like this:

  1.  Property owner call to schedule a pre-inspection;
  2. An inspection will be performed; if approved, the owner can submit a Request for Application Form;
  3. After the Form is submitted, receive a written Notice to Proceed;
  4.  With the Notice to Proceed, purchase materials and start the project.  Projects must be completed within 90 days of date on written Notice to Proceed.
  5. Another inspection will be performed; if all the requirements are met, the rebate will be processed and sent to the owner.

A4 When to Apply Rebate applications are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis. The program will end on Dec 31, 2016, which means there are only 3 months left.  Anyone interested should submit their applications as soon as possible. The plants used for the the new landscape must be on the water district’s Approved Plant List.   Check out some the plants on the list, with their photos here P4

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