Santa Clara Water District Rebate Program Second Step – Notice to Proceed

  IMG_5666_1 In the last post on this topic, we talked about the first step of the Santa Clara Water District Landscape Conversion Rebate Program: schedule and receive a Pre-Inspection.   At the inspection, someone from the Rebate Program will inspect the yard, decide whether it qualifies for the rebates or not (Landscape Conversion Rebate, Irrigation Equipment Upgrade Rebate etc).  If yes, they will provide the rebate program application forms to be filled out and sent back.  If approved, a Notice to Proceed will be received. Application Submission The key information to be entered on Application Form before one can submit include:

  1. “diagram or set of plans” for the landscape.

The diagram can be a just a  sketch of the yard and where the plants will be placed.  To see some design of the gardens, see Garden Photos. 2.  plant list, each plant’s coverage value, and the total plant coverage (square feet). To receive the rebate, the old lawn needs to be replaced  “with a minimum of 50 percent plant coverage consisting of low water using plants from the water district’s Approved Plant List. ”  For example, if the lawn’s total area is 1,000 square feet, then at least 500 square feet needs to be covered by plants from the “Qualifying Plant List” provided. To see what some of the plants on the list are like and their coverage, visit Water Efficient Plants IMG_2361 For people who are qualified to receive Irrigation Equipment Upgrade Rebate, they also should enter the info for the equipment.  For example, if the equipment approved is weather-based irrigation controller and rain sensor, one can select the products from the list provided by the Rebate Program, and fill in the make and model info on the form.  A rebate will be given for such products, along with the lawn conversion, if all the requirements are met. Receiving Notice to Proceed About 2-4 weeks after the application is submitted,  one may receive a Notice to Proceed from the Rebate Program.  This means the fund for the rebate is set aside, and the home owner can proceed to purchase materials and install the garden. On the notice, it will show a “Project Completion Due Date”, which is 3 months from the date the notice is issued.  To receive the rebate, one needs to finish the project by the due date.  (It is possible to apply for and obtain an extension). Notice to Proceed Purchasing Materials and Getting Ready for Installment Shopping time for plants!  Go to nurseries and buy all the plants as indicated on the application.  Pick the ones that look strongest and have the best chance to grow.  Purchase other materials too – mulch, etc. IMG_5638 With all the materials, the brown lawn is ready to be converted to a beautiful water efficient garden! IMG_3436 IMG_5945          

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