Fall is a great time to install a water efficient garden

IMG_5638 After a 5 year historical drought in California, many houses’ lawns have gone brown.  While this shows we are all doing our part to conserve water which we are all proud of, the lawn, well, can look a little bit nicer……Here comes the good news:  fall is a very good time to remove the lawn, plant water efficient plants and have a beautiful garden!  Not only is the time great for plants, thanks to landscape conversion programs such as the one offered by Santa Clara Water District, by doing it now, you may also receive some rebates. DSC_0305 Fall is one of the best times for planting Fall is one of the best times in the year for planting. There are several reasons for this.

  • Soil moisture good for the roots.   After plants are placed in soil, to establish and grow in the new place, they need the soil to be “wet” enough so the roots can establish.   As fall and winter are the wet season in California, and combined they can last several months long,  roots have the right environment and time to adjust and grow.
  • Temperature.  Very cold winter and very hot summer days can be harsh for young plants.  Fall offers the optimal temperature.
  • Great for spring bloomers.  A lot of plants bloom in spring.  If they are planted in fall, by next spring some of them may grow enough to bloom. Blossom in spring – what a lovely view!
  • Good for pollinators.  As their population dwindle, bees need more plants that they can feed on.  By growing plants now, come spring time bees will have much more places to go to have their meal.

  Many beautiful plants to choose from There are a large collection of plants that are both water efficient and beautiful.  If the lawn is replaced with plants that are on the Qualifying Plant List of Santa Clara Water District Landscape Rebate Program, it is eligible to receive the rebate of $1 per square feet.  Browse some of these water efficient plants here. IMG_5642 Conserve water, enjoy the garden A beautiful garden is not only something you can enjoy everyday, but will also go a long way to conserve water.  As California enters its 6th year of drought, we all need to do our part to conserve water. Outdoor watering for a lawn typically accounts for half or more of an household’s total water use; to convert a lawn to a water efficient garden, the water consumption for outdoor watering can be reduced by 30 to 60%, for total household 15 -40%. You may receive rebate by removing the lawn and putting in water efficient plants now ($1 per square feet if all requirements are met).  Find out more about the Santa Clara Landscape Conversion Rebate Program here. SaveWater Why wait?  Now is the great time to plan and build that lovely water efficient garden! IMG_6049          

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