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We will work with you to develop concepts, choose the one you like, and create the final design.


Bring Your New Yard to Life

Based on the package selected, you may be connected with a recommended contractor.

The Design Process Typically Takes 3-10 Weeks

Week 0

Design starts.

Weeks 1-3

Two different design concepts and some initial plant choices will be presented. Pick the concept you like best. There may be several rounds of revisions.

Weeks 3-10

Finalized design plan with full plant list will be delivered.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Water Efficient Gardens is an online landscape design service that helps you design beautiful water efficient, eco-friendly landscapes that support biodiversity. We are experts in native and drought-tolerant landscaping design, and have helped numerous homeowners transform their yards into attractive spaces filled with local plants that support wildlife.

Water efficiency, and sustainability are at the core of all our designs. We tend to use native and drought-tolerant plants in our designs, and avoid harmful or unsustainable materials. We integrate modern technology as much as possible to improve the efficiency and accessibility of our services.

Our online design services for water efficient landscaping are available in all 50 states. Deluxe packages with onsite services are also available in California and certain markets.

Clients first select and customize a design package using our online checkout process. Once submitted, clients will receive an email with a link for you to upload photos of your yard and measurements. A designer will then contact you to get a clear sense of your project goals . In approximately three weeks you will receive a conceptual design. We then integrate your feedback into a finalized design package and deliver it as PDF. If our “Online Deluxe” package is purchased, we will work with the nursery to order the plants (plant costs and delivery billed separately), and provide consultation during the installation process.

We work with all kinds of properties. We are HOA-friendly and have experience working with homeowners and Homeowners Associations. From smaller yards to large estates, we can help.

Our designs include most of the common elements in a landscaping project: softscaping (i.e. plants, trees), hardscaping (i.e. pavers), structures (i.e pergola/gazebo), raised beds, lighting, play space, water wise lawn and more.

These are not included in our scope of work: 1) Detailed construction drawings for any site structure or installation specifications; 2)Actual construction or installation of the design.

Yes, every design is customized to the client’s yard's conditions, garden style, plant preferences and other factors. If we use native plants in your design, we will use plants as specific to your locality as possible.

Absolutely! After we come up with the initial conceptual designs, we work with clients to gain feedback. Depending on the package you purchase, we will also have meetings with you to collect your inputs.

With the severe drought conditions in the US West, many cities and water agencies provide rebates for homeowners to remove their lawn and replace it with drought tolerant landscaping. For many cities the rebates range from $2-4/sq ft, so for a 1,000 sq ft lawn you may receive a $2000 - 4000 rebate after the project is complete. Water Efficient Gardens has been helping homeowners apply for and receive Landscape Conversion rebates from day one. If you want to apply for the rebate, for a small cost ($250) we can submit the application for you; we ensure that the plants and overall design are compliant with the rebate requirements and submit all the design information required. After the project is complete, we submit photos and other necessary information for review and approval so that you can receive your rebate.

We will always keep the budget in mind throughout the design process and use it as a guidance when we consider material alternatives. We can also do a phased approach. Some of our clients are interested in “DIY” installation, which we also support, and we can also provide information and guidance if you decide to go the DIY route.

If you have purchased our Deluxe package (available in California and certain markets - ask us for more information), we can recommend contractors for most of the projects we design.

Yes! You can go with a contractor of your choice.

The designs provide a blueprint or vision for the project; the final outcome will depend on plant availability, contractor's installation, etc.

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