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Jerry’s Front & Backyard Redesign
Jerry is a resident of Santa Clara, CA. He used to have grass lawns in both his front and backyard (featured in the picture on the right). His front yard was about 800 sq ft and his backyard was about 3000 sq ft.
The Transformation
Jerry kept about 1/5 of his backyard as lawn; for his front yard and the 4/5 of backyard. He wanted to change to drought-tolerant landscaping. We designed a native and rain garden for both his front and back yard.
The Results

The gardens were installed Nov. 2020. In 2021, the household water usage reduced by about 37% versus last year. In the hot summer month of June, the water usage was 43% less than last year.

Jerry’s water report from June 2021.

53,780 sq ft
804,548 gal
Our Gardens Can Change the World!
The world is facing a major water crisis – Water Efficient Gardens is helping manage that. So far, we‘ve converted over 53,780 sq ft of lawn and barren spaces to native and drought-tolerant landscaping that sustain and promote bees, birds and butterflies. These garden transformations have saved more than half a million gallons of water – and counting!
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