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Water Efficient Gardens is an online landscape design business that excels in low water and native plant garden designs.
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Why water efficient garden?

Benefits of
Water Efficient Gardens

We're so passionate about the difference we're making. Join in today to have your own water efficient garden!

Save water

Compared with a lawn, a water efficient garden can reduce water usage by 30-80%.

Combat Climate Change

Native plants and drought tolerant plants can absorb carbon dioxide and improve the structure and quality of soil, which in turn will store more carbon. Saving water can also save energy.

Create a habitat for wildlife

Flowers provide food to pollinators, and gardens provide them a shelter.

Low Maintenance

No more mowing the grass.

Curb Appeal

Boosts the value of your property.

Gardens We Designed

Things Our Clients Love

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    Great designs - We design in many different styles: rain garden, native plant garden, boulder garden, and more.

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    One seamless process - From garden design to full project support, we provided it all in ne seamless package. We'll even manage your rebate application to save you money!

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    Affordable price - We offer our services in various packages with different price levels to meet your needs.

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Debbie L., West San Jose, CA. Watch testimonial

"Really want to thank Water Efficient Garden for designing my new rain garden with drought tolerant plants.They did a wonderful job on my yard. I am not depressed like I used to be when I looked out the window with all the weeds, and I have been getting approval from all my neighbors!"

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Success Stories

Real Impact, Real Savings

Cici L., San Jose

After conversion, my front yard looks great … clean and neat. It also saves me money. We use much less water now, and don’t need to hire hands for maintenance.

Ray H, San Jose

The Water Efficient Gardens people are creative and super helpful. The garden design not only looks good, but also saves water by capturing the rainwater. Moreover, the designer helped us take care the rebate process, which is not always trouble free. We are very happy with the result

Saurin S., Cupertino

It looks very good. We are really happy with the design. Thanks a lot!

Mark N., San Jose

It was easy working with the designer and contractor. The designer took care of all the rebate application paper work from end to end, and the project was done seamlessly.

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